How it works...

Once you contact me, we will set up a time to meet in order to discuss your particular needs, menu preferences, etc.  Also during that time, we will determine a day during which I can come to your house and cook meals for you. We will also discuss your container preferences. Your meals can be packaged individually, or family style.

Then what:

Soon after our initial meeting, I will create a menu based upon our discussion regarding your dietary preferences and I will email that menu to you for approval.

After that:

I will shop for your groceries and come to your house with everything I need to prepare your meals. Your meals will be prepared and packaged according to your specific needs, as well as labeled with contents and reheating instructions. You will come home to a clean kitchen and delicious smells!

What you need to do:

All you need to do, is make sure there is room in your refrigerator for your meals and that your kitchen is clean and ready for me to cook!

Service starts at $300 and does not include the cost of groceries.

Service includes initial client consultation, menu plan (customized to your needs and subject to your approval), grocery shopping , meal prep, cooking, packaging, labeling and clean up. You are not charged for items such as herbs, spices, oils and vinegars.

Meal plans are customized to suit your particular needs. Fresh serve weekly, bi-weekly and / or monthly service plans are available. Desserts and snacks are available for an extra cost.


Book the Cook!

Let me know your party size. Recommend making reservations at least one month in advance and leave any initial dietary needs in the Comments field and I will reach back out ASAP, thanks!

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